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Google Earnings for Q1 2010 results announced

Google Earnings for Q1 2010

Google Earnings for Q1 2010

Search Engine Giant Google Inc. released it Q1 2010 results today. Google Inc. has beat all the analyst expectations in its results. Google Revenues were up 23% with a sum of 6.77 Billion  dollars, with a net revenue of 5.06 Billion. That was very much  higher than the expected net-revenues of 4.93 Billion Dollars. The net income of the company rose to $1.96 billion with a growth rate of 37%, totally beating the estimates.

Google's employee numbers rose up in this quarter and that leaves an indication of the overhaul of recession. Apparently, the pastures are green now. The irony in all this is that, the stock price of Google has fallen enarly 5% in after-hours trading because the Google investors were hoping for even more profits!!!

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