Vista Transformation packs for Windows XP


Are you still a user of  Windows XP? Do you want your system to look like Windows Vista?Use  following transformation  packs to make your Windows XP to get the look and feel of Vista!

Vista Transformation Pack - Once installed, this program makes lookwise changes that give the Vista look to your XP. The main changes it makes are to your start-up screen, cursors, sounds, screen-savers, tool bars, clock, etc. The transparent effect in Vista is the hardest one  to emulate on XP but in conjuction with Stardock's Windows Blinds, Vista Transofrmation Pack does an impressive job. Be warned however that the program changes driver DLLs in XP which make it difficult to uninstall.

VistaXP v2 VS - This package contains the Visual Style with two different versions, Black and Silver. Features include the Segoe UI font and a Vista Beta 1 wallpaper. Both Black and Silver styles come with a realistic and compact start menu, along with 3 different fonts.

Universal Vista Inspirat BricoPack - Vista Inspirat Shell Pack is a complete custom shell pack for all Windows XP. It consists of modified icons and a new themed appearance for Windows XP. This includes Vista wallpapers, icons and menus.

VistaXP V3 WB -This is a high quality theme that Vistamerises your XP. This skin uses the WindowBlinds engine. Package contains the WindowBlinds skin with three different versions, Black, Silver and Glass. Segoe UI font, Vista Bliss wallpaper, Alternative Start Buttons and Horizontal ShellStyle are included in it. Does not include Vista background or innovative desktop features.Good to use with some other programs like Vista Sidebar etc.

VistaMizer - Vistamizer is a complete theme that will transform your current Windows XP into a brand new Vista with all the 3D effects, transparencies, shiny icons and other eye candy. This program is very easy to install! Unlike other similar tools, Vistamizer includes everything you need to have it up and running. Installing it isas easy as pressing on the "Next" button a few timesa and rebooting. Uninstallation is also very easy.Vistamizer lets you select exactly which elements to install and which ones not.

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Saturday, May 24th, 2008 Downloads
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie

    The new skins look great, but the only problem I find is that they tear into the performance of the system. Meaning it slows the system down :(

    I do currently use rocket dock though, What a phenomenal piece of software :)

  • LuckyMurari

    Yaa..actually they do affect the performance.But to get something you have to lose something else.After all,it's a matter of preferences     

  • computer geek

    I think the plugin is good. But won't it make the computer very slow?

  • John

    I agree. Very nice one though. I wouldn't care if the system slows down by 2 or 3%. It is still worth what you are getting.

    John’s last blog post..Squirrel Climbing Tree

  • whitey@supersport camaros

    ahhh.. those were the days... ;)

  • Graham@LCD Enclosures

    I reluctantly use Vista, i thought XP was brilliant and I am regretting getting a PC with Vista on. :cry: If only I could have XP on my new machine.

    Anti Ligature TV enclosure.