Top ten sites providing forum posting job opportunities


As promised in the last post,here is the list of sites offering forum posting job opportunities.

1.Digital Point :This site(actually a forum),though not dedicated to forum posting jobs is the one which stands out regarding forum posting job opportunities. In my opinion, none of those others live upto the mark set by this one.What you have to do here is just signup,later go to "Buy/Sell/Trade" section and then to "Services" section.There you will be able to find some.Also "Conetnt Creation" and "Freebies" Subsections are the places you have to check with."Content Creation" is the sub section with maximum number of forum posting jobs.Enjoy your stay at DP.

2. Webmaster-Talk :Not as much as DP but this also gets a good amount of listings of forum posting jobs.I linked you directly to the category where you could find these offers.You should also check in the sub-categories. First thing you have to do is register on the forum and later bid for jobs.

3. Forum Booster : They have a very good packages.For applying check out this link here .

4.Inb0x :One more long standing site with some pretty decent offers.

5.Posting Direct : These people are very much known ones with offers for forum owners,forum posters and webmasters.

6.Paid Posting Tools :A recent find for me but was there since long is one another qell known site.
7.Post on my Forum: Their payments are not as high as forum booster but are sufficiently good enough.

8.Best Forum Posting : Their application is very big but still pays out well once got selected.

9.Kick Start your forums:This one is a promising site.

10.Wired Flame: To apply for writing post,you have to signup and submit the application form at the top of your account page.A reliable site.

PS:This article is written as a part of series of articles on moneymaking opportunties.

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 Online Money
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